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Covid- 19 

 Covid- 19 Facility Procedures: 

*Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes early
*Parents will have to fill out a short health check questionnaire / waiver
*Parents may not enter the studio 
*Students will get their temperature checked at the door

*Students with temperature over 100F will not be able to enter the studio

*Students must wear a face shield/ mask at all times inside the studio
*Sky Eagle will provide hand sanitizer to use before and after class





 Students Must bring:

*Face Shield/ Mask: 

   (first face shield will be provided- shields will also be available for purchase)
* Water Bottles:

    (water fountain is closed off)
* Taekwondo Shoes: 

      (Adidas TKD shoes can be purchased at the studio)- sizes are limited.     

       Pre-orders can take up to 7-10 days. 
       Please do not wear TKD shoes outside in the parking lot or on concrete. 

       Put on shoes once you are in the studio.  

       Black belt students must have weapons to attend Monday weapons class.

       (Weapons can be purchased at the studio) 



Live Zoom / Private Classes

*For families that are not ready to return to the studio, we will still provide live online zoom classes.  Students must enter first and last name to enter the zoom class. If your camera is turned off or you have a background turned on, you will be removed from the zoom class.  Please contact us for the the zoom user id and password information.  

*Private Classes will be available.  Please contact Ms Sarah for pricing and availability.  

If you have any questions please email us:


Children with fever, cough, common cold or flu symptoms will not be able to participate in any of the studio offerings and we ask they stay home till recovered. If your child presents any of the symptoms mentioned above, we will have the child sit away from the other children and immediately contact you to come pick your child up. These measures are to ensure public health safety as well as safety for the families we serve and our staff.

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